Melissa Windham President

Melissa Windham is a licensed psychiatric technician. She has an AS degree in psychiatric technology, and in 2019 received her BA in psychology at CSU Stanislaus. Melissa is currently working on getting her Masters in social work. She is passionate about mental health and helping others. 

She believes that family connection is a key factor in the transition process. "No one should have to be disconnected from their loved ones because there is only transitional housing in bigger cities." Melissa's goal is to provide transitional housing in the Central Valley.

Jamiroquai Johnson CFO

Jamiroquai is the son of Melissa and John. He is an asset to the We All We Got JMW Foundation. He is well versed in the technical aspects of the foundation. Jamiroquai brings youthful energy and knowledge to this foundation. He has an empathetic nature and is passionate about keeping people on the right track. He has seen firsthand how incarceration affects family dynamics. 

John Windham CEO

John Windham was incarcerated in the California Department of Corrections for 30 years. He was 19 when he entered the prison system. Before this, he had already spent 3 years in the California Youth Authority. In his youth, he was a talented athlete and singer. Everyone that knew John knew he was going to be a professional athlete. In December of 1989, John’s life was changed and he spent more than half of his life incarcerated. During his life term sentence, John remained active in all sports. He also developed and facilitated self-help and therapy groups. John had a lead role in the documentary, Religion of Sports, Season 2, Episode 2. He also held a role on November 27, 2018, More Than a Game podcast
(Religion of Sports) San Quentin (Rehabilitation). John returned home in December 2018. 
John currently provides transportation to formally incarcerated people coming home. He is an outside and inside organizer for Initiate Justice, spokesman for Communications fellows, a member of Institute of Impacted Leaders, a mentor, facilitator, and motivational speaker.