Over 750,000 formerly incarcerated are returning back to their communities


We All Got JMW Foundation was founded by husband and wife team John and Melissa Windham. John and Melissa were married while John was incarcerated in the California Department of Corrections.


While John was preparing for his parole hearing they researched for transitional housing in Stanislaus County. They found out that there was no transitional housing in their county. When John was released from prison he had to go to a transitional house in the Bay Area for 9 months. Through this experience, they both knew they had to open their own transitional house in their own community.

With over 750,000 formerly incarcerated citizens returning to our communities each year, their reintegration from day one is crucial to their success. Our main goal is to prevent prison recidivism. The experience of coming home can be exciting, but yet challenging. There is trauma suffered due to incarceration. John has experienced this personally. So we want to provide a safe, healthy, healing, and therapeutic environment for those who are suffering.


We assist with each individual's needs, which greatly increases the odds of each individual becoming successful in their community. Emotional support is of paramount importance, crucial because re-integrating back into society can be traumatic and even paralyzing.


We walk with our brothers and sisters to make sure we are there to provide the emotional support they will need during their transition back into the free world. Here at WE ALL WE GOT, we walk our clients through trails and into success.

Fundraising Meeting



Your donation will bring us closer to our goal of $550,000. We are starting from the ground up to open our own transitional home. Our community is excited to see this project succeed, and you can be a part of that excitement by supporting our organization. We are happy to acknowledge your donation on our website and at our events, (unless you prefer otherwise). We want to thank you for your donation and your support.